Monday, October 22, 2012

End of Course Reflection

While I have not yet had the opportunity to implement my GAME plan with students, planning the unit was beneficial in many ways. First, I was forced to look at different methods of instruction by following the parameters of the assignment. I was able to design a problem-based lesson, an online collaboration lesson, and a lesson that utilized digital story-telling. Normally in the planning process I might have tried to stick with the "old" way of doing things or made smaller changes, but this task really forced me to rethink the unit and come up with more creative ways of instructing and assessing students. Second, I have a really good idea of where I want my students to be and what I want them to produce at the end of this unit. I can better prepare my students now for what is coming. 

I have a feeling I will need to modify the timing and potentially the way I introduce the lesson. After implementation I will learn whether the time I have planned will be sufficient and whether or not I need to provide further instruction in either the guidelines or the new forms of technology. 

I definitely plan to get more creative with the lessons, units and assessments I create for my students. The completion of this work gave me so many ideas as to how else I can implement these strategies. For example, I plan to make digital-storytelling a regular part of the class since it works so well to visually communicate procedures and findings in scientific investigations. I can also work to center our experiments around larger problems that allow students to work toward a goal.