Sunday, February 5, 2012

Student Technology Usage Survey and Podcast

This week I had 14 of my 9th grade homeroom students participate in a survey about their usage of different technologies. I have created a podcast to narrate the results below. 
Please click play and then scroll along to hear my thoughts on the information I gathered. 
Student Technology Survey Discussion by Holly Odle on Grooveshark

You can click on any graph to view it larger. 
I have to admit I had way too much fun analyzing data and recording my podcast...
Thanks for reading/listening! 


  1. I am impressed by your usage of graphs for your deomographic profile. What program did you use and what survey did you use to gather this information?

    1. We have a program in our district called Communicator that students log into. It has a survey feature, so that's what I used to collect student responses. I then made the charts using Excel. I love making graphs so I decided to geek out on this assignment a little :)