Thursday, March 15, 2012

Field Trip to the Moon and Concept Mapping

One of my assignments this week was to use a virtual field trip with my students and create a concept map based on the experience. I am so excited about what I found that I thought I would share it here:

For my virtual field trip I used Google Earth to travel to the Moon. It was so easy and did not cost a thing. My students can easily access it from home if they want to explore further. All you need to do is download Google Earth and select Moon from the toolbar. From here you can explore on your own, view actual images, locate landmarks, or take a guided tour. There is a tour of the Apollo 11 landing, part of which is narrated by Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the Moon). This is the option we chose, and the essential question I used was "What would it be like to walk on the Moon?" Here is the concept map we created using this field trip. We were even able to take screenshots like the one below and easily upload them into the map!

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  1. I was in your class last semester. Do you have your kids create their own maps? I would like my students to use this site for their own maps but they have to have an e-mail address. My students are fourth graders so this is a problem.