Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monitoring my GAME Plan Progress

If you are just tuning in, my GAME plan centers around two goals: creating labs based on online simulations and sharing my work with my peers online. So far I have had success finding the information and resources I need, and I owe a thank you to my classmates who have posted helpful links for me to explore. I also came across this article that discusses the difference between virtual labs and simulations. This gave me the idea to search for both, and I have since been able to locate more resources using this method. I have also decided that I can share the labs I create via this blog. 

Currently I do not see a need to alter any part of my action plan. So far I have learned that there are many resources out there, but the tricky part is finding them. Asking around and varying the terminology in my search terms has been helpful. I also have only been looking for resources that are free of charge, as many are not. There are still some concepts for which I have not been able to locate simulations or virtual labs, and there are other concepts that have many options. This has led to some questions: How are these simulations and virtual labs created? Who is doing the research and determining the best method for allowing students to explore concepts virtually? Are there opportunities out there to participate in the research and creation of resources like these? 


  1. Holly,
    The fact that you have discovered several resources for use in your classroom is wonderful. The additional bonus is that they are free. The questions that you posed are valid and go a long way in determining the content that we teach with. Have you looked into social bookmarking as a means of locating more resources? I am relatively new to this technology but find it has many applications that I would not have thought of initially. Linking to other like-minded professionals has opened a plethora of mentors and websites that I otherwise would not have located on my own.

  2. Hi
    PhEt is doing a lot of reserach about the questions you asked. I would try to contact someone from the University of Colorado or start by checking out
    Jenn C

  3. Holly,

    I read the article that you shared and I found it to be really interesting. In referring to online tools I think that I have used virtual tours or labs and simulations interchangeably which I now think is technically incorrect. As described in the article: virtual does not physically exist but is made to appear so by certain software do so and a simulation is a reproduction or imitation of certain conditions or characters. It was also interesting to read how scientist consider these two technology learning tools in particular. You seem to be doing great with moving through your GAME plan and putting things into action. I think you have a really interesting topic and I would love to find something applicable for my ninth grade math class.